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Vang Vieng 

Although our journey to Vang Vieng was a relatively short one, the entire time was quite literally fun filled, as soon as we arrived we booked a tubing trip to leave in an hour, we quickly got changed and headed back to reception to the awaiting tuk tuk. 302 more words

FIB, Quentinsburgh Police, QUARTA, investigating after death threats toward President Rosenthal broadcasted over the loudspeakers and displays of a Line 3 train


QUENTINSBURGH, FREEDEMIA- 4:10am: The Freedemian Investigation Bureau (FIB) and the Quentinsburgh Metro Police Department (QMPS) are investigating an incident on a QUARTA train yesterday evening, after the displays and loudspeakers on a Line 3 QLine Metro train began broadcasting threats and warnings towards President Angela Rosenthal as it pulled into the Capitol Mall/National Court station, the closest station to the Executive Residence. 457 more words


Heian Shrine

こんにちは! Our Airbnb in Kyoto was located near a very beautiful and relatively young shrine called Heian Jingu. When I say “relatively young,” I’m referring to the fact that it was built in 1895 — for the 1100th anniversary of Kyoto’s establishment as capital of Japan! 275 more words


Day 0: Flight and Arrival to California

Pictures and fun. Prepping for the weekend to the last minute but taking pictures along the way. Lunch was good and exploring California was great. Mainly picture posts unless something big happens over the weekend.


Casa Milan

And for the last time for our long weekend, swimming with the fam! 😊

We went to Casa Milan on November 15, 2017 which our neighbor subdivision for there swimming pool and because we knew someone homeowners, we also got a discount! 84 more words