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Island of Bones

The fisherman thought it was a miracle, our guide and translator explained, seeing all the fish flopping about the dry ocean bed. The earthquake had pulled the water back far from the shore. 2,245 more words


Death: You Know, It's Inevitable.

Tragedy hits us whether we are ready or not. It may warn us, sometimes it may not. It can kill us sooner than later. If we survived then it served as an avenue to nurture the warrior in us, to prepare us to be victors over dangers of life. 573 more words



“Wrap the drapery of his couch about him,” how about a body bag?

“Lie down to pleasant dreams down there,” or watch that body sag. (*) 231 more words


Ice Tsunami's, Beavers and beautiful days

I’m not sure if you’ve come across the term ‘Ice Tsunami’, but rest assured, the effect is as spectacular as it comes. Occurring in only a few parts around the world, it creates an amazing effect when the winds cause the ice on the frozen lakes to pile up. 395 more words



Do you see that distant wave?

I see it rise incarnadine with blood.
A great tsunami that threatens to flood
The world with gore born of hate. 101 more words


wow 'surge' without you - today the earth is also rotating

it is rotating like this . haha . I’m sorry surge . This is only my one day’s modelling , programming , simulating and documenting work . 475 more words


Seismic menace of the Sumatra plate boundary

More than a decade after the 26 December 2004 Great Aceh Earthquake and the Indian Ocean tsunamis that devastating experience and four more lesser seismic events (> 7.8 Magnitude) have show a stepwise shift in activity to the SE along the Sumatran… 470 more words

Environmental Geology And Geohazards