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"Paradigm Shift"

Today, July 21, 2018 marks the first day of the 9th of Av in Israel’s history.  The Israelite’s experienced the miraculous liberation from Egypt’s captivity by God’s mighty hand and are dispatched to survey the land of promise to devise a battle plan to go in and take the land.  1,132 more words

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LIVE STREAM: 11 Million Ton Iceberg Threatens Isolated Greenland Settlement With Threat of Tsunami

All 180 inhabitants of the tiny village in the island settlement of Innaarsuit, Greenland have been evacuated because of tsunami danger as a massive 300ft tall iceberg lumbers through the frigid waters of Baffin Bay.  118 more words


Dag 3000’ish – Mevrou van Rooyen is onwelkom

Die rooi gevaar, mevrou van Rooyen kom kuier, “red curse”, ek is siek, , “shark week”, daai tyd van die maand, “ 900 more words


11-million-ton Iceberg Threatens Tiny Greenland Village with "Ice-tsunami"

A huge iceberg has drifted close to a tiny village on the western coast of Greenland, causing fear that it could swamp the settlement with a tsunami if it calves. 195 more words

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Communicating tsunami risk

This example from the local newspaper in Bellingham, north of Seattle, shows how hazards experts and the media can work together to inform and educate the public on natural hazards.

Dreams and Visions of a Future America?

Thanks for joining me! I will be posting my dreams and visions of a possible future, especially in regards with tsunamis and floods. Many of us are experiencing such dreams, and I would like to offer my own dreams and experiences.  12 more words



“Never turn your back on the ocean,” we were warned as children.

Most people think of the “front” of their home as the side facing the street. 527 more words