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A tale of unfortunate events

It was a magnificent summer morning; the sun sat high, the sky was blue and the waves seemed higher than any other day, so I thought to myself: “today is the day”. 282 more words

you'd drown if you rest.

Sometimes the tears just slip down my cheeks, and other times when it doesn’t, I feel it all accumulating in the rusty cages of my beaten-out hollow chest, and I’m not exaggerating, it makes it hard for me to talk without choking, it’s hard to even breathe. 863 more words

Kajian Paleotsunami di Kepulauan Maluku Barat Daya

Ditarik garis tegak lurus ke arah selatan, sekitar 500 km dari Pulau Ambon, ada tiga Pulau Letti, Moa dan Lakor. Ketiga pulau ini menjadi bagian dari wilayah administrasi 568 more words

Disaster Management

A big 'thank you' to all volunteers around the world!

There is a commercial on CNN which shows all their international reporters documenting important events around the world and the slogan says “Go There”. So simple and cliché but profound. 524 more words


Man reported missing after 2011 Tohoku earthquake found alive and well

Shows up exactly seven and a half years after the tragic earthquake and tsunami in a town half-way across the country. 449 more words