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Big Bang: "Krakatoa East of Java" (1969)


    “Krakatoa East of Java”  (1969)

    Seldom have adventure films sunk from their own surfeit of narrative ballast as dramatically as Bernard L. Kowalski’s “Krakatoa East of Java”, a film that juggles so many storylines- ensuring that none will see the light of full coherence  -that the eponymous volcano is relegated to the lowly status of an afterthought until all hell necessarily breaks loose in the final reels. 246 more words


2020 Election Predictions

I see a Progressive Democrat landslide in the 2020 General Election.  Democrats can run on ‘Not Trump’ and be the bottom of the barrel and win easily.  997 more words


Scientists Think An Exotic Fish Hitchhiked From Japan To California In Tsunami Debris

(CNN) — Divers swimming in the cold, murky waters of Monterey Bay, California, say they’ve spotted a fish that’s a long way from home. It’s called a barred knifejaw, and it’s native to Japan, Korea and China. 556 more words


Conversiones Involuntarias

El Huracán María, como cualquier otro evento catastrófico, causó todo tipo de pérdidas a individuos y comercios.  Este escrito se enfoca en cómo los comercios deben reconocer sus pérdidas y/o ganancias en los libros contables. 542 more words


Tsunami Carries Exotic Japanese Fish Across Pacific To Monterey

MONTEREY (KPIX 5) — Scuba divers in Monterey Bay have made a surprising discovery: an exotic warm water fish, native to the coast of Japan, surviving in the chilly waters. 277 more words


After The Tsunami, AntiChrist Revealed

Recently, I had a peculiar eye-opening dream that I felt compelled to share with you. To learn more about dreams, you may find this video teaching helpful:

Living By Faith

The Samurai, the science teacher and the monster typhoon

Stuart Campbell’s recent trip to Japan wouldn’t have been the same without a rambunctious Japanese science teacher, a swashbuckling English sailor, and an American historian shocked by a monster typhoon. 940 more words