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I don't go too fast but I can go pretty far!

As a crowd of lesbian Hell’s Angels gathered ’round the square…you could hear a handcuff drop…the larger than life group had been just that quiet.

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Hello Beauties,

If any of you have heard of tsu you probably absolutely love it just like I do. If you haven’t, WELL WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR. 132 more words


Doggerland - Britain's Atlantis

Being an island nation, our long history and pre-history has been shaped by the sea possibly more than anywhere else on earth.   Whilst some areas of our land were under sea just a millennia or so a go, since the last ice-age our coastline has gradually been pushed back by the ever rising oceans. 643 more words

SOG Tsunami Black Kraton Handle Satin Tanto Plain

Women dresses made of satin can be found in a huge variety. There are short as well as long satin dresses. Besides, there are satin… 303 more words


In The Amazing Quality Attwood Tsunami T800 Bilge Pump

Two-speed pumps, on the other hand, are becoming more popular because they use less energy and therefore have a much lower cost of operation. A two-speed pool pumps operates at 1725 RPM on low speed – a satisfactory speed for many pools and spas. 238 more words


Criteria The Amazing Quality Attwood Tsunami Bilge Pump T1200

With a variable speed pump, you can enjoy even greater cost savings. Unlike a two-speed pump, a variable speed pump also allows you to control the desired speed and/or flow rate. 296 more words


In The Amazing Quality Attwood Tsunami T1200 Aerator Pump 12V

Will running a pump at half speed still properly filter the pool? The simple answer is yes, absolutely. In nearly all cases, running at a lower speed still provides plenty of filtration for pools and spas. 346 more words