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Stopping Tsunamis Through the Internet

The serious game I decided to analyze and play was called Stop Disasters. It is a simulation game created by the UN/ISDR to help people learn more about how to prevent disasters from happening. 906 more words


'Tsunami' of UK lawyers register in Ireland after Brexit


A record number of solicitors from the UK registered in Ireland this year after the Brexit vote, the Law Society of Ireland said Monday. 239 more words

Money Matters

Tsunami & digital deltagarkultur

Hur många gånger har man inte hört fotbollssupportrar sjunga lokalt meningsfulla texter på melodier som t.ex. Go West eller Na, na, hey, hey (kiss him good bye)? 321 more words


Book Review: Where The Dead Pause And The Japanese Say Goodbye - A Journey By Marie Mutsuki Mockett

Its pages are often full of a light that illuminates a fundamental human experience!

On Friday 11th March 2011 at 2.46pm local time the 9.0 magnitude Tōhoku Earthquake, the most powerful on record to have ever hit Japan, struck off the Pacific Coast of Tōhoku triggering Tsunami’s some of which reached up to 133 feet (40.5 metres) and travelled up to 6 miles (10 km) inland. 934 more words


Niigata Elementary School Teacher Calls Fukushima Evacuee Student ‘Germ’

The boy complained to the teacher in charge of his class that he felt bad because classmates treated him like a germ, according to the board of education. 350 more words

J. Rock - Southern All Stars

Southern All Starsサザンオールスターズ – It is  a J.Rock band that formed in 70s…….. The members of the group are Keisuke Kuwata(vocals leader), Takashi Omori(guitarist), Yuko Hara(keyboards), Kazuyuki Sekiguchi(bass), Hiroshi Matsuda(drums), and Hideyuki Nozawa(percussion).   46 more words