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Animated Distractions: Disney's Bambi

Before heading out on a Disney trip, I like to take tie to rewatch some Disney animated films. This gets me in the mood for the parks, and also reminds me of the characters I’ll see and the songs I’ll hear. 471 more words

Animated Distractions

Mini-Review Monday: Walt Disney

Release: September 14-15, 2015

Story: A two-part, nearly four hour documentary that follows the life of Walt Disney from his childhood, to his early days as a struggling animator, and eventually to the head of his own company that he ran with an iron-fist. 334 more words


Magical Moment Monday| 14

The sentiment behind today’s Magical Moment Monday is a one that I am sure you’ve heard before, but I a little reminder helps when you fall into a rut. 59 more words

Adventures Through Time And Space

The Best Disney Songs You've (Probably) Never Heard

This weeks post is a guest blog courtesy of the awesome Joey Knock!

Joey loves all things Disney, baking cakes, and of course writing blogs. You can check out his blog… 706 more words

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