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Love Banana (to be sung in a calypso style to the tune of Galway Bay)

Be sure to write your love songs on bananas
cos kiwis dont go easy on your pen
and if you make a mistake with your feelings… 9 more words


Screenwriters Who Oppose Screenplay Structure by Authors Jeffrey Davis and Peter Desberg

Peter Desberg, Author: So when do the interesting questions start?

Film Courage: Right now, actually. But this

is a little bit leading…why are so many screenwriters opposed to structure? 240 more words


How NOT To Write A Novel - Drunk

Ernest Hemingway once said “Write drunk, edit sober.”

One of my writerly friends says, “Write drunk, edit on caffeine” Pret-ty kitschy and more up my alley. 341 more words

untitled #2

bursting from captivity, oozing from the seams

a walking hazed and foggy dream

I burst into existence like the light of a match

searching for identity cemented in the past… 18 more words


It’s crawls on my skin



It tickles and pinches



Ignore it and try to live



No one can see it… 68 more words

Abstract Concepts

Acceptance is a concept that hasn’t grasped me yet. It’s not a feeling that’s a part of me. I’m open, wearing bright colours with a sign on my forehead that says take me, but yet it continues to drift right by me. 557 more words

Review: The Host

This review contains spoilers. Reader discretion is advised.

I went to the library to return few books a while ago. In a hurry I randomly picked a book by… 327 more words