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Daily inspiration, baked berries

Baked berries with amaretto, or without if you prefer that, but it’s the berries that makes it = raspberries, blueberries, figs & cloudberries with some plain yogurt on the side plus a dash of milk – try it! 12 more words


Hippy Hippy Shake - Falafel

A Baby Bento recipe, use it as one component in a meal.

A Middle Eastern classic that is healthy and simple to make. No need to buy canned Chick peas, just soak over night and boil and take off the shell, you can do this while watching the telly or while your little one is taking a nap or have your spouse do it. 203 more words


Egg, Yogurt and Mayonnaise Conditioner:

The vitamins present in eggs helps increase the natural oils in the scalp there by reducing dryness and dandruff and strengthens the hair follicles. It also prevents hair fall. 75 more words

5 Minute Recipes

Spring craft for the kids

Sara here – I help run Beadale farm. I recently made this craft with my son and nieces – it’s great for teaching how plants grow. 123 more words


Banana & Yogurt Breakfast/Dessert

Hello everyone. As I said on my last post I will be sharing healthier recipes. This week I found myself craving something sweet and I am a person that has no power of will when it comes to food. 105 more words


DIY Yogurt Mask

DIY Yogurt Mask

I’ve recently started to DIY my own facial mask using yogurt. I read on the internet that yogurt mask has a lot of benefit for the skin. 482 more words


Green Smoothie

Green smoothies are all the rave lately, especially with everyone on a health kick. There are so many different ways to make them but I wanted to share the ingredients that I put in mine.  374 more words