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Homemade Yogurt and Kefir at room temperature

I am hoping that the readers who have found this blog are quite familiar with the benefits of a healthy gut microbiome. Research into gut microbes has been accelerating at an astonishing speed lately. 850 more words

What We Got Upto

Orange Yoghurt Cake with Orange Syrup

I brushed the cake with freshly made orange syrup. You can also add some orange liqueur to the syrup. The cake was a amazing. It was gone within 30 minutes…next time I shall double the recipe. 467 more words


Eggplant in yogurt ( Baingan ka raita)

Eggplant in yogurt is one of the amazing dishes for summer it is a super delicious raita and it’s feel good when it is a part of your lunch or dinner in hot summer. 249 more words

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Greece, where the yogurt flows like water

I ate a whole tub of it today. Go-gurt but to stay. That was a Key and Peele reference. I love those guys. I was feeling really uncomfortable in my stomach and like, heartburn and shit, so I ate a whole tub of yogurt and now I feel all cool and queasy and nice and lemon squeezy. 6 more words


How I make Yogurt

I am currently on a big yogurt kick, primarily fueled by having bought an InstantpotĀ®. Yes, I’ve joined that cult. No, I don’t cook everything in it, but when it comes to beans or yogurt, I’m a believer. 771 more words


My thought about food is life!

Filled-tummy, happy heart and soul. I’m not sure if it’s applicable to everyone. But to someone like me who is being tagged as “no discipline in front of food” I deeply understand the relevance of food and happiness.Ā  318 more words