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Moo2 Ice Cream and Yogurt Made with Pure A2 Milk

Moo2 Ice Cream and Yogurt Made with Pure A2 Milk

Study findings for those who believe they suffer from lactose intolerance A2 milk is the best alternative. 22 more words

A2 Milk

(Non-Dairy)Yogurt and Granola

Skill Level: Easy

INGREDIENTS: Yogurt – Granola

Combine yogurt and granola in a bowl and enjoy!

-The Unsweetened Vanilla from So Delicious is a great choice since it’s low in sugar and contains Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and Calcium… 35 more words


Oui by Yoplait French Style Yogurt Review

Oui is the new line of yogurt from Yoplait, and it is actually incredible.

The French-style yogurt is individual made within the jar it’s packaged in. 75 more words


Llaollao (yaoyao)

Addicting frozen yogurt with various topping to select. Made in Europe. The best so far with original yogurt as top fav. Currently Llaollao has mango flavor yogurt as base. Anytime, anyday.


Healthy Dairy Breakfast: Yogurt vs. Cottage Cheese vs. Quark?

In the past, there has been a lot of noise concerning the health benefits of dairy products. Daily dose of calcium, protein bomb… you name it. 601 more words