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All this for a cocktail, Part II

In Part I of this post, we provided information on how to make your own yogurt and orgeat (almond flavored syrup) because I really wanted to make the cocktail… 582 more words


Apple Cinnamon Yogurt


  • 1 medium apple
  • 1 T. cinnamon
  • 1 tsp. nutmeg
  • 1 cup yogurt (I used Greek Yogurt)
  • honey (to taste)
  • 62 more words


Sweet Takra (buttermilk):

1/4 cup whole fat organic yogurt
3/4 room temp water
Sprinkle of rose water or orange blossom water
Organic sugar to taste. 93 more words


Duck Breast with Beet Salad and Roasted Potatoes

I can’t wait til we get our herb garden for the summer. I mean, I’ve had pretty good luck keeping herbs in the fridge, but I really want to have a lot of herbs at my fingers all the time. 1,343 more words

Weeknight Dinner

Best gifts 2014: Chef's Star Frozen Yogurt & Dessert Maker

Chef’s Star Frozen Yogurt & Dessert MakerPerfect for any sweltering summer day, this gorgeously designed Ice Cream Maker easily converts sliced fruits, berries, and even dark chocolate into a delicious soft ice cream that’s not so hard on the hips. 27 more words

Best Gifts 2014

Moru Kootan | Yogurt stew

Moru Koottan, Moru Kuzhambu, Kadi, Majjige Huli or Moru Curry are dfferent names for a very popular Curd/ Yoghurt based dish. Their tastes vary slightly based on the other region specific ingredients added . 398 more words


Nutritional standouts

Most people know that if they want to maintain a healthy weight and improve their health, they should limit the junk foods and convenience foods that are high in fat, calories, salt and sugar. 456 more words

Healthy Diet