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Whey You

As you know, it’s all about healthy by-products and friendly bacteria this summer and all dairy queens would con-curdle😊

Which brings us to Whey – the foggy liquid that gets strained off in cheese production. 111 more words


raspberry mint yogurt popsicles

Sounds fancy, right? That’s pretty much all of the ingredients. You’ll need popsicle molds of some kind.

Two and a half cups of greek yogurt… 132 more words

Frozen Dessert

Potato Salad

Happy Summer Solstice and three cheers for outdoor BBQ season!  Here in our household we eat dinner outside about 3-4 times per week as the evening air is relaxing and soothing (particularly due to the fact that we don’t have central air).    521 more words


Dahi methi chicken-chicken curry in fenugreek and yogurt sauce

This recipe happened accidentally. One day I was in a mood to eat less oily food but Indian food with less oil was a big flop. 231 more words


Healthy Peanut Butter Chocolate Granola

When a person starts a diet, they are on fire with will-power which has the strength to spread like a relationship status rumor. However, after you’ve been on a diet for a while… 542 more words

Just Losin' It

Breakfast Ogre

Almost without exception (the exception being breakfast sausage), I love, love, love breakfast food.

I adore eating breakfast out.  The omelets and hash browns at Waffle House are the stuff of cheesy, carb-y dreams.  648 more words


Tzatziki to have with everything 

It’s hot hot hot out there isn’t it? So hot, all I want to eat is cucumber and watermelon, cooking is barely on the agenda. So for days like this I want a bowl of cool tzatziki in the fridge, ready to have a flatbread dunked into it or to be dolloped over a salad. 328 more words

Light Meals