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The Dominant Incumbent of Yogurt

In the technology sector we all know stories of storied companies that became too reliant on one product, only to be out-innovated or otherwise converted into a runner up in the marketplace. 291 more words


General Mills Loses the Culture Wars

The company’s Yoplait yogurt brand has foundered, falling behind Chobani—that’s only one problem for the packaged food giant. Can a new CEO calm the waters? 3,070 more words


Yogurt, Granola and Hidden Sugars…

Yogurt, Granola and Hidden Sugars…

I pack a Greek yogurt almost every day to work for an afternoon or mid-morning snack. I figure it is MUCH healthier than reaching for a bag of chips or pretzels. 197 more words

Dieting sometimes

Sunday, 21 May 2017

This week has seen more progress with the running and at the gym. And incredibly even the days at work seemed to be slightly less devoid of interest than of late. 812 more words


Yoğurtlu Semizotu

Yoğurtlu Semizotu Tarifi

  • 200 gram süzme yoğurt
  • 4-5 diş sarımsak
  • 6-7 dal semizotu
  • Tuz

Yoğurtlu Semizotu Hazırlanışı

Öncelikle süzme yoğurdumuzu bir kaba alıyoruz.
Sarımsaklarımızı havanda dövüyoruz. 52 more words


Yogurt Power Bowl 

The easiest of midday snacks! Healthy, tasty and pretty 😍 I used a base of nonfat Fage yogurt for my bowl, but you can pretty much use any yogurt you please! 65 more words