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Department: Chemical Engineering
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

The efficiency of synthetic zeolite as an adsorbent for the removal of lead from stimulated wastewater was studied, in which sodium hydroxide (NaOH) was used to prepare the indigenous aluminosilicate. 266 more words

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Select the natural zeolit formula that meets your need

A Zeolit is an all-natural crystal formed from ashes. It is a naturally happening mineral formed when volcanic magma and also ash meets with salt water. 813 more words


Un integratore che depura!

Conoscete le proprietà della zeolite? È una polvere che deriva da minerali di origine vulcanica e marina.
In pratica sono minerali naturali dalla struttura micro-porosa, grazie alla quale è possibile “agganciare” tossine e metalli pesanti dannosi alla nostra salute. 355 more words


Pure Liquid Zeolite is a Quick and Effective Way to Detox

Pure liquid Zeolite is a natural dextoxifier known for its capability to support its natural state of PH balance and detoxify the body. Consequently, liquid zeolite intake can actually benefit your health in a great deal.Have you ever wonder why you always feel so run down from doing comparatively little? 295 more words

Liquid Zeolite

Whole Body Zeolite Cleanse Day 6 & Day 7

So as I’m writing this, I’m basically finished with the Whole Body Zeolite cleanse! It really was easy – and even though I said I wasn’t going to be that strict about the dietary part; I found myself really motivated to keep elevating what I was eating. 110 more words

Whole Body Zeolite Cleanse day 5

Okay sorry I’m a little bit behind on updating my food journal, but I’m catching up!

This was the day I discovered something wonderful in my cabinet… the Ultimate Meal! 125 more words


Whole Body Zeolite Cleanse Day 1

All right I’m kicking off a cleanse today; but when I say “cleanse” – you may be thinking of a very different kind of program.  I’m going to update this blog to be inclusive of all the things I’m doing as part of this program – and will document my personal results – using what is a fairly simple mineral and food based cleansing program. 423 more words

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