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What are the ingredients in Candetox?

The ingredients in the Lufenuron capsules, is just Lufenuron – it’s an inert compound and has no toxicity. The capsules are made of gelatin. If you are vegan you can empty the contents directly into your food, as you need to take 10g of fat with each capsule and Lufenuron has no taste so it won’t spoil your meal. 130 more words

Zeolite: A Safe Natural Detox Used in Asia for Over 800 Years

23rd March 2016

Gavin Bragg

Wake Up World

With thousands of detoxes out there these days it’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t. Many detox products remove only a limited range of toxins from the body and add a burden to the body’s excretory systems.

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Magic Exists. It Is Called Zeolite.

Although our liver works to detoxify harmful substances within the body, it can easily become overburdened. Our body is constantly bombarded with multiple chemical assaults, which makes it harder to keep our natural… 624 more words

We Are Living in the Age of Aluminium: Lufenuron & Zeolite Can Help You Detox From Aluminium Toxicity

Aluminium is a common metal found in the environment that generally is not toxic. But the amount of aluminium now added to a variety of everyday foods and products, and used in industrial processes, has created an aluminium overload that proves toxic to our bodies. 567 more words

Do you have Mercury fillings?

Discover how heavy metal poisoning is effecting your health. Once you have heavy metal deposits in your body, fungus forms around it to protect you from the poison. 28 more words


#Zeolites are microporous materials of volcanic origin. They occur as natural minerals with a microporous structure consisting of thousands of tiny channels that can bind significant amounts of toxins and heavy metals harmful to health, as well as free radicals, nitrosamines, inone ammonium, mycotoxins, pesticides and radioactive cations. 236 more words


Detoxification & Weight Loss

Managing your detoxification systems properly as you lose weight can be an important determining factor in how much progress you make and whether or not you reach your goal weight. 363 more words