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The Woman I Deserve 22

“Hi Zina, Esosa on the line.”

“O, hello.”

“I called yesterday but you must have been quite busy.”

“Yeah…It was a hectic day. I should have called back. 2,354 more words


The Woman I Deserve 21

When they got to her driveway, he stopped. Zina began to unbuckle her seatbelt, determined to run in before the tears spilled out but he stopped her with a hand on her arm. 1,748 more words


The Woman I Deserve 19

Ovie was on the phone, discussing with Ama. It was late in the evening but she was awake, watching a movie.

“These old birds are on my case. 3,460 more words

A Same-Sex Marriage in the Sharia Zone

from This Moonless Sky by Marrik Rajjarsen

Each of the 3 parts will be published 1 week apart.

Islamic law meets an unusual gay couple in Socratic science-fiction (In 3 parts) 8,392 more words

The Woman I Deserve 15

“Ima, you would not believe what happened to me today?” Zina clapped her hands as she spoke, seated on a kitchen stool in front of Imaobong who was kneading dough. 1,204 more words


Zina Was Xena, She's A Surviver, A Hero And My Best Friend! 

A Mans Best Friend! I don’t normally like using extremely common sayings but it’s way too accurate not to. Dogs, they really are our best friends. 1,293 more words

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