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The Woman I Deserve 14

Moji and Idara were in the backseat of the former’s car, heading to an event centre for a photo shoot. The topic of discussion was their friend Toyosi. 1,523 more words

The Woman I Deserve 13

Toyosi had accompanied PA on that month’s hangout with his teens to observe and take notes. Idara her friend had come along with her camera. She really just wanted to be in close proximity of both of them to assess the potential of the relationship. 881 more words

Protecting yourself from Adultery

What you’ve done, can not be undone,except through repentance. Zina is an Arabic word for adultery or fornication, it’s sexual misconduct and misbehavior. Allah has made marriage very easy and has facilitated it so simply. 534 more words


Zina (Adultery)

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Agar aapka koyi sawal hai toh aap hamare Imam se puchsakhte hai… 12 more words

Maulana Aminul Qadri

The Woman I Deserve 11.

Why have I been away for so long? I can’t even answer the question myself. Well, I am back and No, there was no tragedy. Thank you for all the prayers and emails. 1,901 more words

Pemerkosaan dan Zina Dalam Hindu

Beberapa minggu lalu jagad berita tanah air dikejutkan dengan kasus perkosaan yang menimpa Yuyun(14) siswi SMP di Bengkulu. Kasus Yuyun adalah satu dari banyak kasus pemerkosaan dan kekerasan terhadap anak(perempuan) dinegeri yang katanya Agamis ini. 360 more words