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Don’t look at me, git. I aint gunna do that
Go realise her worth first u selfish prat
U ain’t the victim here please stop whining… 353 more words


Zina Sterling Silver Drop Wire Earrings with Sting-Ray Texture In Silver

Get the sexy look you’ve always wanted with the Stingray Texture Drop Wire Earrings by Zina. Cast in 925 sterling silver, these unusual earrings curve delicately, dangling from simple sterling fishhook ear wires. 73 more words

Bukan "Asal Nggak Hamil"


“Dok, pacar saya selalu meminta berhubungan suami-istri, ketika saya bicarakan ini ke mamanya, mamanya malah bilang tidak apa-apa asalkan tidak sampai hamil…” 458 more words

DiCay--Diary Cahya

Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1895 – Mary Fryer gave me a piece of her wedding cake. I was at Burton’s all day, towards evening I went over to Sorenson’s and Zina and I went up to our old home.


Zina Sterling Silver Men's Stratus Leather Bracelet, 8.5

Zina’s Leather Strap Stratus Bracelet is the ideal accessory for the guy who loves the look of leather with metal. Made from a tightly braided, round strap of black leather, the bracelet measures 8.5 millimeters wide. 72 more words

Marriage After Zinaa

Q. May Allah bestow goodness upon you, O Noble Shaykh. There’s a man who committed illegal sexual intercourse with a woman, and she became pregnant. Afterwards he married her. 142 more words