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Marriage After Zinaa

Q. May Allah bestow goodness upon you, O Noble Shaykh. There’s a man who committed illegal sexual intercourse with a woman, and she became pregnant. Afterwards he married her. 142 more words


The Woman I Deserve 25- Conclusion

Chapter 10

It was 3 months after PA made it known that he was in a relationship. He didn’t exactly announce it in church but he introduced her to close associates and key staff. 6,689 more words

The Woman I Deserve 24

Zina had mustered the courage to call PA after Imaobong encouraged her to do so. She had even told her about Esosa. Imaobong was of the opinion that she should not encourage him until she was absolutely certain that PA had backed out. 3,557 more words


The Woman I Deserve 23

Chapter 9

Zina was in her room, reminiscing over her date with PA. Once again her courage had failed her. She could not bear the thought of his derision. 2,740 more words


The Woman I Deserve 22

“Hi Zina, Esosa on the line.”

“O, hello.”

“I called yesterday but you must have been quite busy.”

“Yeah…It was a hectic day. I should have called back. 2,354 more words


The Woman I Deserve 21

When they got to her driveway, he stopped. Zina began to unbuckle her seatbelt, determined to run in before the tears spilled out but he stopped her with a hand on her arm. 1,748 more words