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This smartphone has the same specs as the Galaxy S7 but costs $250 less


ZTE usually makes mid-range and low-end devices, but it thinks it can just waltz in here with a premium device and make a splash. 657 more words


ZTE ZMAX Pro - Does budget means cheap?

ZTE, who for the longest time placed its attention on making entry-level devices that were easy on the pockets, but is making a significant charge yet again by upping the ante with its latest affordable option. 212 more words


ZTE ZMAX Pro Review – is a $100 smartphone worth buying?

Owning a phone doesn’t mean having to endure a costly investment. The times have changed, obviously, since phone makers are making it more affordable than ever to own a smartphone. 1,789 more words


Engadget giveaway: Win an Axon 7 smartphone courtesy of ZTE!

It’s getting easier to find high-quality phones at affordable prices these days and this week’s giveaway offers one of the latest in that category. ZTE’s Axon 7 smartphone just launched this month and offers a series of premium features just $400. 359 more words


ZTE is hoping you’ll help it build its next phone

It’s hard standing out in the smartphone market. Of late, ZTE’s primary focus has been doing so on pricing – a strategy epitomized by the recent launch of the… 190 more words