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Innovation in the Firefox OS Ecosystem

Innovation , what’s innovation its thinking outside the box and bring up a better and one of a kind desing or functionality for your big devices or flagship. 611 more words


ZTE at IFA GPC: SPro2, global growth and 2015 targets

ZTE has announced that the SPro2 smart projector will be going on sale in the USA tomorrow. ZTE’s Senior Director of Technology and Partnerships, Waiman Lam, announced at the company’s IFA GPC power briefing that the SPro2 will be launched in the USA tomorrow and, as we revealed earlier this week, … 609 more words


Huawei Lawan Balik Gugatan ZTE

Huawei tidak tinggal diam telah dituduh melanggar paten oleh ZTE yang sama-sama vendor asal Tiongkok. Pembuat gadget itu pun melawan balik, mereka mengatakan bahwa paten yang dimaksud merupakan hasil pengembangan sendiri. 269 more words


ZTE and AT&T announce Spro 2 availability on April 24

ZTE and AT&T have announced the two-in-one Spro 2 Smart Projector. The Android-based device has a mobile hotspot with a 5-inch touch screen capable of providing web access directly from itself and connecting up to 10 independent Wi-Fi devices at the same time. 46 more words


ZTE’s Spro 2 Smart Projector is available exclusively via AT&T from April 24th

Here’s an interesting gadget for you to take a look at, the ZTE Spro 2 Smart Projector that is offered on a 2-year contract by AT&T. 444 more words


Android powered ZTE Spro 2 Smart Projector launching exclusively with AT&T on April 24th

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April 24th is going to be a pretty good day for current and would be AT&T customers. 312 more words


ZTE SPro 2 Review


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