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The Line Between 'Mid-End' and 'High-End' Becoming Thinner?

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Been awhile since my last post but hey a long hiatus is always good to help someone figure out what they really want to be doing. 654 more words


ZTE releases Pre5G massive MIMO solution

ZTE has released its latest Pre5G massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) 2.0 solution at the 2016 China International Information and Communication Exhibition held in Beijing.

This new version is aimed at the high-end marketplace to help operators in the existing developed market meet the dual challenge of surging traffic demand, combined with limits on spectrum resource. 160 more words


ZTE wants your help bringing crowdsourced ideas to life

When ZTE launched its Project CSX challenge to crowdsource ideas for a mobile device, it was hard not to wonder which of those grandiose visions would make the cut. 181 more words


ZTE’s top crowdfunding ideas include an AR diving mask and educational robotic gloves

I’ll admit that when ZTE first launched Project CSX, I was a bit underwhelmed, believing that the initiative was simply focused on handsets. Limited the crowdsourcing competition to those devices seemed like the company was resigning itself to a fate of suggestions along the lines of bigger screens and battery batteries. 354 more words


ZTE Axon 7 Review

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Previously known for primarily developing lower end, budget devices, ZTE finally comes out with its flagship-killer, midranged phone, the Axon 7. I’ve had this phone for almost a month now as a replacement for my 3 year old LG G2. 4,127 more words


ZTE Launches NEW 5.2in Axon 7 mini at IFA2016

4 September
IFA2016 Berlin
Loren W.

The Axon 7 story continues –

Mr Waiman Lam (VP Mobile Products ZTE and Glbal Spokesperson Mobile) and others at ZTE have emphasized their unique focused strategy of targeting not just key products in key countries but with added focus on key cities as well. 535 more words

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Cristiano Ronaldo's latest tech endorsement is a ZTE phone

Sources say CR7 fell over when he saw the Nubia Z11. Absolutely no one was shocked. That’s what happens when you have a reputation for being the best diver on the pitch. 22 more words